Studio Rules and Regulations 

Dress code

● Only appropriate dance wear to be worn, children to wear studio specified uniform.

● Long hair must be tied up and out of the face.

● No chunky or dangling jewellery allowed.

● Ladies heels need to be covered with heel protectors.

Classroom Etiquette

● Please arrive on time for your scheduled class. Due to limited space in the waiting area, students are encouraged not to “hang around” before or after class and are asked to move swiftly between classes for a smooth flow.

● Dancers are encouraged to use the bathroom before class.

● Dancers should treat their teacher and classmates with kindness and respect.

Attendance Policy

● Commitment and attendance is crucial for the success of every dancer. Make every effort to attend all classes and when absent or ill, please inform the studio ahead of time.

● It is expected of all students to dedicate time for practising their work at home so that they come to class prepared.

● Missed classes are non refundable. Students are however allowed to make up a missed class with a Body Conditioning class depending on space availability. Booking is essential for such make up classes.

Injury or illness

● In the event that a student is injured and unable to dance, he/she is encouraged to observe the class in order not to fall behind on  material.

● Children who have a possible contagious condition/illness should not attend class but rather rest and recover.

● The teacher reserves the right to refuse a student to participate in a class in the event that a student is too sick or injured.