Timetable for the year 2018

Fees and Payment Details 2018

● A 10% increment discount applies for every added class within a family, capped at 30%.

● Class fees are calculated based on the active weeks within the year divided by the months of the year. Therefore, payment      amount after the first month of registration will remain the same throughout the year, regardless of school holidays.

● When registering at a different time other than the beginning of a month, fees will be calculated according to the weeks within that month (pro rata).

● All fees are payable before commencement of classes.

● Late payment penalty fees of R50 will be added each week of non payment, so please do make sure you have your account settled on time.

● Please make use of Eft or direct deposit when making payments as we do not handle cash for safety reasons.

Banking details
Acc name: Dance Creations
Bank: FNB
Acc number: 62709936457
Branch code: 250655

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